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tv color bar jumper by jeremy scott (( transparent ))



turning people’s old trash into my tacky treasure

On how coming out changed her life: ”I knew I would be happier, but I wouldn’t have anticipated just how f—-ing happy I am and how every tiny little aspect of my life feels better.” Ellen Page by Olivia Malone for the Hollywood Reporter, May 2014


Welcome to neoliberal queer hell. 

"What you do is a tiny, pathetic subset of dancing. I will attempt to turn your robotic routines into poetry, written with the human body. Follow me, or perish, sweater monkeys."

Anonymous asked: you know you a broke ass stripper




Liking Whiskey Is Not A Personality Trait: A Memoir of Early 21st Century Dating


I’m not a real person yet.

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Title: All Too Well
Artist: Taylor Swift
Album: Red
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All Too Well - Taylor Swift


Hmm. I don’t really have much education regarding this issue and my perspective is extremely distant and un-involved as it doesn’t affect me in the slightest. Better comment on it anyway, though. My voice must be heard.